Kengo Kuma Uses Carbon Fiber Strands

Japan-based Komatsu Seiten Fabric Laboratory has created a new thermoplastic carbon fiber composite called CABKOMA Strand Rod. The Strand Rod is a carbon fiber composite which is covered in both synthetic and inorganic fibers and finished with a thermoplastic resin. The material has been used on the exterior of Komatsu Seiten’s head office.

© Shinkenchiku

The carbon fiber strands have many advantageous features. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also is the lightest seismic reinforcement in the world. It has high tensile strength with a “delicate but strong structural body.”

© Takumi Ota

World renowned architect, Kengo Kuma was the first to use this reinforcement material with his design ofKomatsu Seiren’s head office. The use of textiles, along with the carbon fiber composites was also considered, including the “’greenbiz’ ultrafine porous spongy ceramic base, which is an eco-friendly building material.” The completed building is not known as the “fa-bo” fabric laboratory.

© Shinkenchiku

A 160 meter-long roll of CABKOMA Strand Rod weighs only 12kg, and is easily transportable. For comparison, metal wire of the same strength is approximately five times heavier.

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